Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Posted by Donnalyn Weir at 8/18/2009 10:09:00 PM
When I was trying to find the other pair of my earrings tonight, I came to realize that I actually have quite a lot of jewelries. I don’t have an obsession of collecting them; in fact, I don’t even wear jewelry most of the time.

Ask yourself. Is there anything that you are so obsessed about? I know people who buy things like crazy even if they don’t really need it. For some rich people they collect expensive cars and multi-million dollar diamonds; others buy expensive line of clothing’s, shoes, and bags like crazy. I know someone who collects the most expensive watches in the world.

If you buy/collect something excessively, you are obsessed of it. Being obsessed of something is bad. I don’t want to throw any blame to those who have problems like this because psychologically, it is considered to be an illness. I have read stories about people who are “shopaholic” or those who shops so bad that they can no longer control themselves from buying anything even if their wallet is hurting. People like these have to see a psychologist just to cure this kind of “illness”.

Well, it is a different story for those multi-billionaires like Paris Hilton who doesn’t care if she has an illness of shopping too much stuff because she can actually afford it. Or maybe to those very poor people who can’t even afford an obsession of eating right or having a simple home to live in. Isn’t it hard to think how the chosen few (rich people) buy anything that they want while majority of the worlds population can’t even eat enough food everyday or live even in a simple shelter they can call home.

I feel for those unfortunates but I don’t blame the chosen few because I know life is just life. We always find it unfair and crazy but no one can ever fathom the real reason why things existed.

So if we have some little or huge obsessions to anything, just always remember that we are responsible for what ever deeds we do. If you think you enjoy it and you’re not guilty of hurting yourself or other people then just let that guilty pleasure go on. Remember, your own life is your own responsibility; we just live our life once to live it not only to the fullest but also in the right way.

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