Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time to Save Water

Posted by Donnalyn Weir at 2/02/2010 08:01:00 AM 2 comments
I heard in the news couple of months ago that the water company here in Saint Louis is planning to raise its price. It made me think of how hard will it make our budgeting if they would do that. Water, like gas and electricity are the things that we can't live without. We need water in almost everything and if there would be a raise on its price, that would be totally awful.

I was thinking if water would be expensive, then we should really put an effort on how to save it. I know there are many ways to do that and we can do everyday. If we are washing the dishes for example, why not recycle the water. During summer time, we can use the used water to water the plants. If we are brushing our teeth, why not use a glass than letting the water continously flowing?

There are so many ways to help save water if we are only paying attention in our daily routine. One of the many ways too is the use of dual flush toilet. I have heard it from a friend because they are also using this one. Dual flush toilets are designed to help save water every time we use the toilet. It has an ability to use way lesser water than our conventional toilets that's why it is really an investment having them in our households.

I hope we will learn to save water. I think we really should!

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