Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life and Love; Living and Loving

Posted by Donnalyn Weir at 7/21/2009 04:11:00 PM
Life and love; these two are always together, though some people only got one of them. It's either they live without loving; or they just love without living. It’s little bit confusing, isn’t it?

Have ever you loved someone that you give everything to her—your time, your money buying things to spoil her or spending your whole life pleasing that someone? Or have you ever wanted something that you spend your whole life trying to figure out how to get it; it maybe a dream job, a big house or a luxurious lifestyle? In these situations I don’t think you are still living at all. Loving someone and giving her everything while sacrificing your own happiness is just as good saying as you are dead! Other people on the other hand do live but they never learned to love. Think of those people who know nothing but to make their career good, make their investment higher, make their opponents surrender and make good money for themselves—people who think nothing but their own survival, fame and money and they have forgotten to LOVE others. They are blinded by the fame and possessions that they are enjoying. They think nothing but money, power and fame.

People who live this kind of life think that they are living their lives happily but the brutal reality is—they really not. Later in their lives they will know how much time they have wasted for things that are not important. They will realize that their existence in this world never means living. They will realize that they just existed but never really lived.

Living for me means loving ourselves and loving the people around us that’s why living should always go with loving; so as life should always be accompanied by love. We just live once, so let’s spend it the best way we could. Let’s be happy and let’s make other people happy.

What about you? Are you living your life correctly?

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beauty on July 24, 2009 at 6:14 PM said...

It was very pleasant that the life was full cinta. because the life without the love was empty


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